Infraction #1 and #2: Breach of 6th Amendment Rights and Molestation Charges

Updated: Feb 19

Infraction 1: Breach of 6th Amendment Rights

Let's begin with our discovery of the truth...

To begin, I would like to point out that Per the United States Constitution, every individual has the right to adequate legal representation per the 6th Amendment.

During my father’s 2002 trial located in Corpus Christi, it was my desire to testify in his defense; however, I was not allowed to do so per the instructions of his legal team. In fact, many of the “willing” witnesses who knew my father best were not allowed to testify, even though they were eager to.

The “prosecution” commenced by explaining to the jury that the lead witness(es) had not been truth-forward innumerable times in the past. In fact, their stories changed multiple times before the start of the trial. So what would make the testimony of these witnesses relevant now?

Forensic evidence was available & present; nevertheless, extremely limited “objections” or “refutes” were made throughout the entire trial. This is not my opinion, as I'm sure you remember, I was not allowed to watch the trial. These are facts based on witness testimonies, all public information, and visible to anyone caring to search.

There were multiple instances where the prosecution’s lead witnesses testified that certain horrendous events took place, in which there was “inaccurate” scientific or forensic evidence to prove their claims. However, there were multiple testimonies from forensic experts & physicians that discredited the claims made by the prosecution’s lead witnesses stating it did not corroborate their story or the evidence presented.

There were multiple attempts by these lead forensic experts to provide testimony that would prove my father’s innocence to the horrific charges. These expert testimonies were not used in the courts, nor submitted as evidence for his defense. In fact, many of these expert witnesses/ physicians took it upon themselves to reach out to my father’s defense numerous times but never received a callback. To prevent a wrongful death to a potentially innocent man, several of the experts reached out to the court directly, hoping to have their testimonies submitted before the start of the trial, but did not receive responses until the cusp of the trial commencement, forcing their testimonies to be inadmissible.

Given the substantial amount of evidence available, it begs the question- why were there limited and at times non-existent rebuttals by my father’s defense team for these allegations? Why or How is this possible?

Infraction 2: The Rape

This document contains excerpts from Public Records at trial refuting the sexual abuse claims and molestation charges along with supporting examples detailing a breach of 6 amendment rights.

Here is your first official legal evidence. This is a brief exert of public records from the trial stating the breach of 6th Amendment Rights, as well as a rebuttal to the sexual assault/ molestation claims.

When speaking to my Dad during his final hours, the particular accusation that bothered him the most was the “rape/molestation” charge. He said the thought of an individual actually believing he could do such a thing has been mentally & emotionally plaguing him for 18 years- to the point where he thought about committing suicide.

So let’s begin there.

The Official Public Record Documents are available for download:

US Court of Appeals 5th Circuit
Download PDF • 405KB