Infraction #4: The Torture (Part 2)

Updated: Feb 19

Infraction 4: The Torture (Part 2)

It was said by the witness(es) that my father tortured & abused my 2-year-old sister shortly after getting custody of her during a 6 week time period. I would like to remind all those following that my 2 year-old-sister was at my high school graduation on 5/24/2002, without the presence of injuries. This can be seen via the previous graduation photos posted. Therefore, this narrows the systemic abuse “allegations” from the “purported” 6 weeks to a 4-week-period, again opposing the accuracy of witness testimonies.

I would also like to add, my father was not the only person living in the house. There was a man periodically living there who was an in-law at the time. Why was this not brought up in court?

If my father was in fact torturing a 2-year-child, why did the witness who was present & testified to seeing these horrendous acts do nothing to protect my sister’s well-being? There were 2 other children living in the house as well. If my father was in fact the menace described, why were the other 2 children allowed to stay in such an unsafe environment? Could this individual not report the abuse or “do something” to protect the well-being of this child if she was being “tortured” as testified?

Witness Discrepancies:

A) Head being banged against the window:

At my father’s trial, it was stated that he slammed my sister’s head into the truck’s glass window multiple times until she became unconscious and ultimately fell to the cabin floor. However, during the autopsy, there were no signs of such trauma to her skull nor any indications that she died from blunt force trauma. Also, when investigators searched the truck for signs of battery or blood, they could find none. As I’ve stated before, it was determined that my sister died from Hypernatremia. In addition, there was witness testimony that stated my father was not in the truck during the time my sister became unconscious. As such, how could he commit such a heinous act if he was not present in the truck cabin?

B) Bruises, marks, random beating, etc:

Testimonies by the prosecution’s key witnesses are the only pieces of evidence used to corroborate these claims. They are the only individuals to have seen the alleged abuse and make such accusations. However, affidavits and testimonies of expert Medical Examiners and Pathologists state in their findings that the alleged abuse and the autopsy bruising do not correlate with witnesses' testimonies.

C) JG’s feet:

It was said multiple times throughout testimony that JG’s feet were swollen. This is not uncommon for someone suffering from Hypernatremia, as edema is a common side effect. The Prosecution's key witness stated she noticed holes in the bottom of JG’s feet after visiting the beach in California. Any scratches found along the top of her feet could have occurred through playing or the multitude of outdoor activities experienced throughout the trip. Either way, it is hearsay for anyone to suggest how such injuries actually occurred without some form of proof.

D) The Baseball Bat found by AB:

Testimony by the prosecution's key witnesses stated that my father hit/beat JG in the head with a plastic baseball bat. There was no actual evidence found suggesting that such an incident occurred. There were no specific injuries to prove as such and the bat was never found. At trial, the prosecution presented a bat that was similar and looked like the bat in question. “Look like” and “Actual” are not the same thing and therefore, this should not have been admissible in court. Additionally, medical reports indicate that there was no blunt force trauma found to the head of JG, therefore how could there be a beating with a bat?

E) The Potty:

It was said multiple times throughout the prosecution’s key witness testimonies that JG was forced to stay on her potty all day, as well as sleep on it. As an RN, with over 11 years of experience generally & in wound care, there would have been noticeable skin breakdown on the buttock of JG, which was never found in her autopsy.

Attached are the prosecution's key witness testimonies outlining the different events of the alleged abuse. There are innumerable inconsistencies present. Appended at the end, is an application of clemency, from my father's former attorneys detailing expert medical physician/pathologist reports proving there was no blunt forced trauma or torture while in my father's care.

The Official Public Record Documents are available for download:

Prosecution - Witness 1 Testimony
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Prosecution - Witness 2 Testimony
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