Infraction #6: Grounds for Capital Punishment / Government Officials

Updated: Feb 19

Infraction 6: Grounds for Capital Punishment/ Government Officials

I would first like to state that there have been numerous claims that my father suffered from an intellectual disability. To be clear, my father was very intelligent- intelligent enough for a young black male to bring in a salary of almost $200k per year without the presence of a college degree. He was intelligent enough to teach his children the basic principles of financial intelligence while being able to drive a complex rig and operate heavy machinery. He was intelligent enough to care for his children. He was intelligent enough to become a police officer prior to receiving his CDL. However, what he was not intelligent enough to look past is love.

Although the attached documents understandably highlight the need for clemency based on intellectual disabilities- would it not make “YOU” unstable to know that you did everything in your power to protect a child that you love so very much- only to be accused of the rape/torture of that very child you were trying to protect? As if that was not enough- imagine having to sit through a trial and listen to those you loved most fabricate a narrative, ultimately leading to a capital punishment conviction, along with 18 long brutal years in a prison cell. (Please take a minute to think of where you were or what you were doing 18 years ago)

Could you imagine? Pretty sure I’d go crazy too.

Then, after 18 years of being caged like an animal for imperiling malfeasance you did not commit- your life is brutally ended- yet even still, your death is celebrated in the cruelest and most inhumane way.

Now, on to the government...

A) The Corpus Christi Naval Base: The grounds for my father being sentenced to capital punishment for crimes he did not commit, is due to the fact that the alleged abuse/fatal blow occurred on Federal Property at the Corpus Christi Naval Base. This is important as it enabled the prosecution to bring in their own special government agents and medical experts to testify on their behalf. We have seen through previous posts that several of the government’s key witnesses provided inaccurate and misleading information. Ultimately, persuading the jury to convict based on false evidentiary claims. Refutation by the Defense was non-existent. You will see in the attached documentation that the government had no grounds to push for a Federal trial and acquired no evidence to prove as such.

B) Supreme Court not honoring time mandates: In November 2019, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia stayed the scheduled federal execution of my father. His execution date passed and, pursuant to 28 CFR § 1.10, his clemency petition was withdrawn on January 27, 2020. At that time, the Office of the Pardon Attorney advised that “if a new date of execution is set, [Mr. Bourgeois] may submit a new application, or [counsel] may submit a new application on his behalf.”

C) Trump Administration: My father petitioned the President of the United States to exercise his authority under Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution to grant him a ninety-day reprieve to permit full and fair investigation, presentation, and supplementation of his clemency claim to the Attorney General and to the President. My father also petitioned the President to commute his sentence of death. None of these petitions were heard and efforts were of no avail. By Constitutional law, the government should have granted him a ninety-day reprieve.

The Official Public Record Documents are available for download:

Alfred Bourgeois Application for Executi
Download • 107KB
US Court of Appeals 5th Circuit
Download PDF • 405KB

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