Infraction #4: The Torture (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 19

Infraction 4: The Torture (Part 1)

You may have read the countless news articles stating that my father tortured and killed my 2-year-old sister by banging her head against a truck windshield. However, there was no evidence to prove such.

Neuropathologist Roland Auer, M.D., Ph.D., who had over thirty-five years’ experience in forensic pediatric and adult neuropathology, examined the medical evidence in this case and concluded that JG did not die of traumatic injury at all, but from neurologic conditions stemming from her ingestion of saltwater and untreated, severe dehydration. Dr. Auer specifically found that JG died from venous sinus thrombosis (“VSS”), which involves blood clots in the venous sinuses, and from cerebral edema, which involves fluid build-up in and around the brain. These conditions resulted from JG’s untreated hypernatremia, a concentration of sodium in the blood caused by severe dehydration, with onset occurring ten days prior to her death.

Hypernatremia can be very difficult to detect in children, especially in the early 2000s when technology was not as advanced as it is today.

This is an Affidavit from an expert medical Pathologist explaining and stating his finings in the case with regards to the injuries sustained and the alleged torture/abuse. There are an additional 30 pages of this affidavit crediting the expert’s accomplishments, publications, and accreditations that can be found via public records. These findings are consistent with my father’s testimony that he took my sister swimming at the beach in California 7 to 10 days before the time of her death.

The Official Public Record Documents are available for download:

Dr. Spitz Affidavit
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