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Getting To Know The 


Alfred Bourgeois

There are numerous news articles and media postings about Alfred Bourgeois's case that have labeled him as a murderer and molester of his 2-year-old daughter. However, his conviction was based solely on perfidious testimonies of his spouse who claimed these accusations. There was an insurmountable amount of evidence to prove Mr. Bourgeois's innocence on all charges and affirm that his wife fabricated a false narrative. However, his Defense remained absent in presenting such evidence. This website was created to present all of the evidence that was not proffered in court and prove with forensic science that Alfred Bourgois was an innocent man wrongfully convicted and executed. 

About Justice For Alfred Bourgeois

My name is Bethany. I am the eldest daughter of Alfred Bourgeois. My father was actively involved in my life until the age of 17, following my sister's tragic death and my father's wrongful arrest. My father met Ja’karenn for the first time 6 weeks before her death, taking custody of her at her mother’s request. During those 6 weeks, I personally interacted with my sister Ja’karenn a multitude of times. Because of these frequent interactions, I was eager to testify and inform the court that innocent moments were being converted into fabricated exaggerations with the evilest and the most wicked intent. However, I along with innumerable other family members, friends, and medical experts were not allowed to testify in my father's defense.

2 days before his death, I was given a total of 4 hours to talk to my Dad. It was the first time I heard his voice after almost 19 years, as he was the “Only” inmate not allowed contact with loved ones.  


During this conversation, my father had the opportunity to share with me one of his biggest regrets- listening to his wife in a moment of panic. As he & his 6-year-old daughter, were unloading his rig, he & the staff felt shaking coming from inside the 18-wheeler. He enters to find his daughter, Ja'Karenn, laying lifeless as his spouse screams, cries, & attempts to do CPR. He immediately asked her what happened to which she replied “I don’t know! I think she’s dying! Oh my God, Alfred, she’s dying!”


He abruptly heads to leave the truck in search of help but his wife stops him filled with panic. Her fear was that the family would be accused & arrested for something they did not do- so she instructed my father that it’d be best to “gently place Ja'Karenn on the ground outside of the truck" & per his wife’s advice- say that Ja'Karenn fell.

As his wife perturbates with her greatest concern not being the death of a child, but fears of going to jail- His 6-year-old & infant daughters are crying & screaming, while the other daughter lays lifeless for unknown reasons. Ja'Karenn is brought to the hospital where she dies the next day. Although there are NO signs of abuse OR rape- a child died & 2 adults lied about it.

The prosecution initially suspects my father’s wife- trying everything in their power to get him to turn against her & say that she killed Ja'Karenn. But he refuses to say anything negative about his spouse & tells the FBI he’d never speak badly about her. To protect her, he continues to use the same narrative- that his daughter fell out of his truck, thinking this would save his wife in the case she was in danger.

Little did he know that ONLY 3 SHORT DAYS LATER- his wife was FREE after making a deal with the prosecution to testify against him. Hypernatremia was not commonly known during this era, thus not being the initial medical presumption. Lies are fabricated to create a narrative in an attempt to explain the swelling in the brain. 

Initially proclaiming her father’s innocence & stating that her mother fabricated the story about the fall because she was afraid of prison, his 6-year-old daughter was returned to her mother where she resided for over a year, speaking only with the prosecution.


After being “instructed” what to say by the prosecution during my father’s 2004 trial, the same 6-year-old daughter, who initially swore her father was innocent, was now blaming him for unspeakable crimes he did not commit.


Myself, along with 20+ witnesses, were subpoenaed to testify by my father’s Defense team at his 2004 trial. With high hopes of being able to speak positively about him, we were all notified that we would not be used for my father’s defense only "MINUTES" before the start of the trial. In fact, we were not even allowed in the courtroom to see what was taking place. The jury heard only one side & saw no one who cared. 

In Recent Communications with Government Pathologist, Dr. Rouse Exhibited a Hesitancy About Her Conclusions as to the Cause of Death and Expressed a Willingness to Consider the Opinion of Another Neuropathologist. Countless additional medical experts & specialists with 40+ years of knowledge ALL agreed there was NO ABUSE or RAPE. The media was not made aware of this because EVERY expert (Neuro) physician who wanted to testify stating rape never occurred & the brain swelling was inconsistent with abuse were NEVER allowed to testify. The Defense did not return their calls until the day of my father's trial- making these expert testimonies inadmissible to be used in court.


My father remained an innocent man on death row for 18.5 years, mainly in solitary confinement. I was not privy to the evidence being shared until a few days after my father’s execution- which was horribly botched.


A federal execution was built on a lie in what is believed to be a grave injustice to the judicial system and American democracy as an entirety. There is not just one injustice that has occurred, but multiple on State, Federal, and Supreme Court levels.


My father had no voice and unjustly spent 18 years OR 6,570 days of his life only to be executed for a crime legal evidence confirmed he did not commit. He was wrongfully executed without a fair trial because the love of power took precedence over the love of justice. It is our wish to bring global awareness to the continued needed changes of judicial civility.

7,000 Days

How do you breathe? How do you smile?

How do you turn back a history engulfed in beguile?

A tale, A lie -Told to the world

A precarious oyster unproducing of pearls


Societal problems appear innumerable & vast

Capitalism, Prejudice, Sexism, surpassed

Preparing for battle in an unjust fight

Chimeras despondent, as life loses sight


Seeking escape, some fill their livers with liquor and ale

Numbing their thoughts and anxieties to prevail

What if there was no liquor, no family, no relief

You would now be housed in a box with no accessible key


Presumptions come easy thinking about what you would do 

But have you unbiasedly taken the time to imagine if it happened to you?

Imagine having a child you love without end

The child loses her life and you’re blamed for the sin


Kismets and serendipities turn to foes filled with plight

              Becoming a Martyr in life sacrificed to death overnight

Monster and Animal is what you’re called by the world

When you’re single mission alone was to provide a good life for your baby girl


For 7,000 days, you’re alone with your thoughts surrounded by 4 walls

Planning out solutions, trying to make sense of it all

Praying to hear the voice of someone who cares

But for 18.5 years, no one was there.

How would you cope, knowing your conviction was based on a lie?

How would you cope, knowing the country you were born in, now wanted you to die?

How would you cope knowing you now only exist?

Knowing the world hears only one side; the truth always missed


How would you cope knowing your name was symbolic of all things vile?

Worst, at the end of the day, your efforts weren’t effective in protecting your child.

Thinking about what could have been done to change a tragic past

Will your life ever again have meaning or will the pain eternally last?


If you have other kids, how are they doing?

Being encaged without contact- one can only assume.

Isolated for 23 hours per day, all you feel is defeat

For 7000 days, you no longer have a choice in the food that you eat.


Your bedtime is determined by the rules of others

Even after her sudden death, you weren’t allowed to see your mother

You begin to wonder if your death would be an easier escape

Something has to work to ease the heartbreak


Sustained on a life ambiguous to logic & reason

Almost 7000 days go by with the passing of seasons

And still, you remain- encaged in your box

No holidays! No family! Only time that now mocks!


Have you imagined the curse of a life in captivity?

An innocent soul, never given the chance to become all they can be

Celebrated viciously in death by all too blind to see.

What a beautiful tragedy to finally be free

We Will Not Be Silenced - Video 1
Justice For Alfred Bourgeois

We Will Not Be Silenced - Video 1

How could you not HATE my father? To be honest, if I read the atrocious descriptions portrayed by the countless news articles, I’d think the same thing. But how many stories have been told, about innocent Black men convicted of crimes they did not commit. It’s not an uncommon thing. In fact, it happens systemically in our communities of color. We’ve seen the movies: The Green Mile, My Cousin Vinny, The Shawshank Redemption, Just Mercy, How to Get Away with Murder, among many others. And although many are based on fictitious settings, the overall symbolisms are based on real-life depictions of what has taken place & still continues to take place up to this day. I know for the complex reason- I am living it. And it hurts like hell! This rabbit hole goes deeper than anyone could possibly imagine. There is far too much to share all at once, so I will start with the most important points. I am the first daughter of the 10th inmate “wrongfully” executed under capital punishment on December 11, 2020. News articles stated my father systematically abused my 2-year-old sister and killed her by banging her head into his truck window. However, there was no blood on the windows, no fractured skull, no superficial signs of injury aside from CPR, and PER MEDICAL REPORTS, my sister died from “Hypernatremia'' due to swallowing too much beach water from a week old family trip to California. Pictures were taken to prove this but were never shown to the jury. In addition, legal records also show that my father was not even in his truck at the time of my sister’s death. My father wasn’t the only individual being accused of this crime, but sadly, he took the fall. There were many discrepancies in witness testimonies, and if I’m being quite frank, I am appalled in trying to comprehend how an actual conviction could have possibly been made. There was a substantial amount of forensic evidence that provided refutation in proving my father did not commit this heinous crime, yet a narrative was created that would undoubtedly turn a father into a monster for the simple justification of “the need to swiftly find a conviction for the death of an innocent child by all & any means necessary.” My father remained on death row for 18 years, unable to talk to family or friends. I was not privy to the evidence being shared until a few days after my father’s execution. I heard his voice for the first time in 18 years & it haunts me every day of my existence. I am seeking the assistance of all those willing to become a polemicist in making a difference and promoting change, and I desperately need your help. If you believe me, help me reveal the truth. If you don’t believe me, help me discover the truth. Either way, that is what I am in search of.
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